Classic Branding

In modern times, it seems like not many car dealerships have decals any longer. Most appear to have only number plate surrounds with the dealer branding on them. We wonder if the manufacturers have a say in this, and don’t want the glass muddied up with all different types of sticker?

Wyres Bros had many different dealership decals over the years, most of which would be well remembered by owners who had them on their cars.

The above picture shows just four styles, mostly from the 1970’s – and are the only designs we have any left of, and there only a very small number of these still in our possession. The two red ones at the bottom are the last known examples of those two designs. There’s only a small handful of the top two.

The blue example at the top was the final design while Wyres Bros operated.

Sam typically had the “silver foil” version from the mid-1970’s on his cars – (yes, we still put stickers on our personal cars!) – right up until he passed away. However, we don’t have any of these left.

Of course, we also had the obligatory number plate surrounds, including a couple of sets “new in bag”, which remain in perfect condition.

Finally, the “next service due” stickers, applied to the top right corner of your windscreen, advising all the details of your next expected service. Car dealerships still typically use these today.


The usefulness of marketing was at its height at Holden during the 1970’s, with many dealers utilising the “Salesappeal Group”. We’re not sure if this group was part of GMH, or an external party doing marketing work for the company.

To quote the November 1978 edition of “Pointers” magazine, the Salesappeal Group were tasked as follows:

Salesappeals has been contracted to improve and maintain the merchandising image of several selected Dealerships in rural Victoria.

The above picture is the result of this engagement with Wyres Bros., as seen in November of 1978.