Where Were Wyres Bros?

Those who remember Wyres Bros most likely remember the main showroom, located at 602 Sturt Street in Ballarat, on the corner of Lyons Street.

There were however, four locations within the city:

  • 1021 Latrobe Street – this was primarily the truck sales division, as well as service for all vehicles, and had a much larger parts department than 602. The advert below lists “805 Latrobe Street” – we’re not quite sure if that is just an error or if Latrobe Street was simply re-numbered at some point. The site has been occupied by Bridges Wade and Co for basically the entire time since Wyres Bros closed.
  • 210 Creswick Road – this was the used vehicle sales location, and the Trevenen family lived in the house on-site. It has been a car lot ever since Wyres Bros closed, and is currently occupied by Barry Coulter Motors, Barry being a former Wyres Bros employee.
  • 815 Sturt Street – this was a Mobil service station, owned and operated by Wyres Bros, and continued on as a Mobil location for many years beyond the involvement of Wyres Bros. These days, it is a McDonald’s Restaurant. We were queried by the builders as to exactly where in the ground the fuel tanks were!